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Chem Resist Group Ltd Enters New Dimensions

As part of the long term enhancement scheme to our unique Thermoplastic Spiral Winding System, Chem Resist has recently commissioned the manufacture of 5 new Spiral Winding Mandrels manufactured from Stainless Steel, taking delivery of 2 to date.

Detergents Plant Relocation & Expansion

In the early 2000’s Chem Resist began a relationship with a growing detergent manufacturer based in the North West of England. Our expertise in understanding the chemical resistance capabilities of Thermoplastics helped us re-engineer a number of storage and blending processes formerly carried out in expensive and unsuitable materials.

Chem Resist Builds High to Maximize Floor Space

Since early 2013 Chem Resist has been working extensively with a local “High Quality Cleaning Product” manufacturer in upgrading its storage and blending facilities.

Chem Resist Technology Proves Long Term Reliability

In 1997 Chem Resist manufactured and installed 4 No 80m3 Polypropylene Hydrochloric Acid Storage Vessels for a local agrochemical manufacturer, giving a combined volume of 320,000 litres.

Chem Resist Aids Expansion

In 2010 Chem Resist designed, built and installed a revolutionary Urea Blending facility to a client in Scotland. Over the subsequent years the system has allowed our client to diversify from its mature core business into a new and continuing developing market, where volumes are increasing and Urea grades are changing.

Planning for the Long Term

In line with our long term strategic objectives Chem Resist has successfully appointed Gary Smith (BSC Hons) in the new role of Senior Technical Sales Manager. Having had a brief but effective career at Chem Resist between 2000 and 2002 Gary has re-joined the business after a very successful career in Academia where he was Head of Science and Head of Year in a Leeds High School.

New Anglo French Partnership

Over an extended period Chem Resist has developed a strong working partnership with the French company Stockage et Systemes. With very similar technical capabilities and sales philosophies based on Thermoplastic Technologies Stockage et Systemes provide turnkey solutions to the French processing industries and are keen to add Chem Resists unique packaged plants to their offerings. 

Investing for the Future

Chem Resist Group Ltd has recently successfully completed a major improvement scheme to its unique Thermoplastic Spiral Winding System which included significant investment and took in excess of 12 months of planning and implementation.Due to a strong order book the down time allowed was restricted to a 2 week period.

25 Years Anniversary

Chem Resist is currently celebrating a milestone

It's 25 years since Chem Resist started production of spiral wound thermoplastic storage tanks. Here's to many more years of innovation in this sector...

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