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Chem Resist's Technical Manager Dr Stephan Menzer attended and presented at the TÜV SÜD Conference, 'Plastic Materials in Plant Engineering' in Munich during March. As in previous years, Chem Resist were the only UK Thermoplastic Process Plant Specialist represented.

One of the aims of the conference was to deal with practical reports and operational experience in connection with the construction and material selection of Thermoplastic components, as well as addressing the topic of industrial piping systems and fittings.  Field installation examples presented by skilled experts were;

  • Car body paint line in Polypropylene (50m long)
  • Replacement of stainless steel pipes with Thermoplastic for brackish coolant water
  • Thermoplastic enclosures in food production
  • Plastic liners in road tankers and rail cars

Key industry advances continue to be made, with sharing of knowledge taking place in the following fields;

  • New materials
  • New gasket materials
  • Updates on new welding guidelines and weld equipment
  • Material testing (A2 factors, assessment of vessels and pipework suffering from severe chemical attack)


Chem Resist were invited to deliver a presentation on Ultrasonic non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Thermoplastics, summarising the results of the Polytank research project, which was co-ordinated by Chem Resist & funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research (  Many of the challenges highlighted in the material testing and installation examples section of the conference could have been avoided if the installers had been skilled in NDE testing.  Chem Resist aim to build on the findings of the project, maintaining a stance as a leader in the development of new technologies in Thermoplastics. 

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