Fully Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant for The Royal Mint

Chem Resist by Royal AppointmentAs part of a drive to improve efficiency and safety within material cleaning, The Royal Mint appointed Chem Resist to provide a Fully Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant at its prestigious works in Llantrisant, South Wales.

With a dated and rudimentary system, the lack of process control resulted in excessive concentrated acid consumption and continuous overshoot. Subsequently the dilution process was very lengthy and expensive.

To vastly improve performance, the key deliverables of the project centred on process control, production reliability, and Health & Safety.

The project scope involved a significant design phase including extensive HAZOPs, manufacture, and installation and commissioning, all of which were undertaken by Chem Resist engineers.

As a Turnkey project and manufactured exclusively from Thermoplastic materials, Chem Resist Group were able to call upon expertise from its Process Plant Division, Pipework Services Division and Fluid Transfer Division. This ability allows comprehensive control of all aspects of the project including in this instance a very tight programme.

Having been commissioned in April 2015 the system operates 24 / 7, unattended by any operator and to-date has successfully achieved over 2,100 dilutions amounting to 5,250m3 of dilute acid. As a consequence of Chem Resist’s unique control philosophy the consumption of concentrated acid has halved.

Chem Resist Acid Dilution Systems continue to be installed worldwide and have proven to be an excellent product in terms of reliability, efficiency and finished product accuracy.

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