Chem Resist Technology Proves Long Term Reliability

In 1997 Chem Resist manufactured and installed 4 No 80m3 Polypropylene Hydrochloric Acid Storage Vessels for a local agrochemical manufacturer, giving a combined volume of 320,000 litres.

Despite having a design life of 10 years, regular inspection continued to show the vessels to be fit for service.  This was still the case when our customer decided to undergo a replacement programme approximately 12 months ago.  This is again a prime example of the build integrity of Chem Resists Spiral Wound technology.

During the last 12 months we have undergone a phased replacement to enable continued production of agrochemicals.  A real advantage for the project was the ability for Chem Resist to produce vessels of any diameter between 1.00m and 4.30m, enabling direct ‘Like For Like Replacements.  This maintains an identical footprint and allows the use of the same civil construction, minimising project costs.

Throughout the project Chem Resist experienced challenging deadlines, but as always, remained adaptable to the needs of our customer.  With our ‘Removal & Recycle’ service, we were able to design, manufacture and deliver the 4 replacement vessels, as well as removing and recycling the redundant ones.  We see this as a key service to offer for a material which is a finite resource.  With material advancements since 1997, the replacement vessels are constructed from HDPE PE100-RC with a design life of 20 years, indicating that they will be around for many years to come.

Over recent years the site has replaced a number of GRP and Thermoplastic vessels with Chem Resists Spiral Wound Storage Tanks, highlighting an excellent working relationship and confidence in our products.

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