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Chemiguard Pressurised Tanker Offload Cabinets

Chemiguard Pressurised Tanker Offload CabinetsChem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied a 3 Chemiguard pressurised tanker offload cabinets to support the expansion of lithographic printing plate manufacturer.

Almatec conductive PTFE pumps

Almatec E15UTT conductive air operated double diaphragm pumps

Due to increased production Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied 4 Almatec E15UTT conductive air operated double diaphragm pumps to an established research facility based in the UK.

Pan World Magnetic Drive Pumps

Pan World magnetic drive pumps

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied a further 6 Pan World magnetic drive pumps to a chemical manufacturer based in eastern UK.

Initially a pump was supplied on a trial to run alongside a competitors’ unit to evaluate performance, reliability and total cost and after extensive trials the decision was made to replace all of the competitors’ pumps with Pan World PW-C units. 

PW-C range
The PW-C pumps incorporate an E-CTFE lining inside a robust cast iron outer casing. All pumps were specified with E-CTFE / ceramic / Viton wetted parts; various material options are available upon request.
The pumps are installed on various applications throughout the plant including bulk transfer and tanker loading.

Established UK agents
Being the main UK agent of Pan World pumps for over 15 years Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has extensive stocks of pumps and spares for all of the Pan World range. With flow rates up to 90m3/hr and a wide range of material options the Pan World range are an excellent choice for all your corrosive and aggressive pumping requirements. 

For more information please call 01924 499466 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dosing Systems supplied into Waste Recycling Plant

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied 3 complete dosing systems to a waste recycling plant based in the South of England.

The chemicals were Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide and our knowledge of chemicals and thermoplastics was a key element to Chem Resist Fluid transfer being chosen to handle this project.

We designed and manufactured 3 separate systems each with different materials of construction to ensure excellent chemical compatibility to allow the plant to safely dose from their bulk storage into existing process pipework.

All 3 systems were completely assembled and tested prior to delivery to enable the customer to simply connect up and begin dosing as required.

Our ChemiGuard enclosures are an excellent solution for this type of application and offer a range of features that can significantly increase safety when handling these types of aggressive and corrosive chemicals.

chemical dosing systems

 For more information on our systems and ChemiGuard enclosures please call on 01924 499466 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

News Archive: 2015

ChemiGuard increases site safety at UK cheese factory

November 2015

secure tanker offloading system

To supply a safe and secure tanker offloading system that produces a flowrate of 20m3/hr

The client required a system to offload 36% hydrochloric acid from a road tanker into their bulk storage tanks whilst maintaining a high level of health and safety.

Our ChemiGuard range offered an ideal solution to this by providing a fully enclosed system complete with a magnetic drive self-priming pump (this pump will not air-lock which can be a problem on tanker offload applications). The Chemiguard unit has integrated PPE storage, 200 litre bund, fully lockable doors and is manufactured from UV stable material.

We specified a World Chemical YD505GV-AD5-G magnetic drive self-priming centrifugal pump to reach the desired flow rate whilst using polypropylene pipework to combat the corrosive characteristics of the hydrochloric acid.

The system is a standard arrangement and can be supplied in a range of materials and sizes. For more information please call us on 01924 499 466 or email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Acid Transfer Pumps

October 2015

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied an acid transfer pump to a major cheese manufacturer based in the south west of England.

One of the main challenges was that the customer was considering various pipe runs through the plant at design stage and wanted to understand the commercial impact on all options prior to installation.

Detailed Modelling
To overcome this we utilised our Hydroflow software which allows for the detailed modelling of a proposed systems’ operation, therefore all options can be analysed so a final decision can be made.

acid transfer pump design modelling

Design Duty
A design duty of 12.2m3/hr @ 55 metres head was finally agreed resulting in a 2” pump complete with 11kW motor, baseplate, coupling & guard; motors were to be suitable for variable speed drive to allow fine tuning of the operating point. 

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer supplies Hygienic Pump Trolley for Pharmaceutical Application

September 2015

The passivated and electro-polished pump trolley consists of 2 Almatec E15ETZ-F4-XO1 air operated double diaphragm pumps complete with ET15EFT-F pulsation dampers, independent air filter / regulators and tri-clamp connections.

The station is to be used to transfer products within the pharmaceutical industry so the pumps and dampers were manufactured without threads on the liquid connections to reduce the possibility of bacteria forming.

Mobile Pumping Station

July 2015

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently designed, manufactured and supplied a mobile pump station to a chemical manufacturer in Scotland.

The pump station incorporates a self-priming magnetic drive pump, integral bund, control panel (with low load monitor for dry run protection) and all pipe-work & valves etc. The pump will be used throughout the site for transferring various chemicals from bunds, day tanks and also tanker offload.

fluid transfer pump station

Pump Centre Exhibition

May 2015

Chem Resist has just returned from exhibiting at the Pump Centre exhibition in Telford.

This is the fourth time Chem Resist has exhibited and also the first opportunity to showcase the new range of ChemiGuard® products – tanker offload and dosing systems.

All ChemiGuard® cabinets are lockable, manufactured from moulded UV stable plastics and can be customised to suit individual customer requirements.

Pump Centre Exhibition   Chemiguard chemical transfer

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