integrally bunded thermoplastic storage tank

Chem Resist is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic storage tanks, which are manufactured in Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene (PE100-RC). Thermoplastic storage tanks are chosen by clients for their chemical resistance and durability and Chem Resist's tanks offer many more advantages:

The benefits of thermoplastic storage tanks

  • Our thermoplastic storage tanks are designed to the European standard BS EN 12573: 2000 'Welded static non-pressurized thermoplastic tanks. Design and calculation of flanged joints';
  • Our unique spiral winding process means we are not restricted to fixed diameters or heights; we can provide tanks built to clients' specifications;
  • Integral Safety Bunds in thermoplastic offer a completely corrosion resistant alternative to constructing a lined concrete bund to contain a potential spillage. These can also be equipped with a rain-skirt for external siting.
  • Our own highly experienced installation team is able to deliver and install the vessel if requested.

Independent verification

The PE100-RC High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) used to manufacture all Chem Resist Storage Tanks is highly resistant to stress cracking. Using a Full Notch Creep Test it has been shown that PE100-RC is:

  • Over 29 times more resistant to stress cracking than PE100 (If PE100 showed cracking after 10 years, PE100-RC would take 290 years)
  • Over 87 times more resistant than PE80

This means that highly oxidising chemicals can be stored in our thermoplastic tanks for 20 years design life without issues with stress cracking.

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25 Years Anniversary

Chem Resist is currently celebrating a milestone

It's 25 years since Chem Resist started production of spiral wound thermoplastic storage tanks. Here's to many more years of innovation in this sector...

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