Plastic Storage Tanks Chem Resist provides high quality, versatile and cost effective plastic storage tanks. We have the in house capability of producing corrosion resistant all thermoplastic spiral wound vertical cylindrical plastic storage tanks to meet customer requirements. All storage tanks are bespoke design, manufactured in High Density Polyethylene or Polypropylenes.

Plastic storage tanks for corrosive environments

Chem Resist plastic storage tanks are inherently inert to extremely corrosive environments. From highly acidic to highly alkaline, Polyethylene and Polypropylene are resistant at both ends of the spectrum.With manufacturing capabilities from 800mm to 4300mm in diameter, our storage tanks have endless possibilities in terms of diameter to height ratio. This allows like for like replacement, or a truly bespoke fabrication to suit available footprint or restrictions due to height.

Plastic storage tank specialists

Please contact our technical team on 01924 499466 if you wish to discuss your plastic storage tank application with us.

25 Years Anniversary

Chem Resist is currently celebrating a milestone

It's 25 years since Chem Resist started production of spiral wound thermoplastic storage tanks. Here's to many more years of innovation in this sector...

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