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PROCESS PLANT:50+ years' experience in Thermoplastic Process Plant

Chem Resist Group is one of Europe’s leading design and manufacturing specialists in the field of Thermoplastic Process Plant and chemical storage tanks.

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A Christeyns UK Case Study
Building Tall, Maximising Footprint. We've just completed a major project at Christeyns UK site in Bradford installing 5 new thermoplastic storage tanks; achieving an increase in capacity of over 60% within an existing footprint.
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FLUID TRANSFER:Over 30 years’ experience in fluid transfer

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer specialises in aggressive and corrosive applications for pumps, valves and level controls.

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Neil Williams Fluid Transfer Division

10,000 Pumps and Counting
Our Fluid Transfer Division, supplier of premium-branded pumps around the world, recently reached a significant milestone; supplying 10,000 pumps. Neil Williams, Director of Fluid Transfer, discusses the achievement. Read more

PIPEWORK SYSTEMS:Meeting the need for thermoplastic pipework for corrosive solutions

Site teams backed up with the extensive workshop facilities offer a comprehensive service to our customers across all the industrial sectors that deal with corrosives.

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Both Chem Resist Process Plant and Fluid Transfer provide a comprehensive but easy to use directory. These enable you to quickly and easily find and order our specialist products.

manufacturing specialists in the field of Thermoplastic Process Plant

Chem Resist Group: International Process Plant and Fluid Transfer specialists

Chem Resist Group is one of Europe’s leading design and manufacturing specialists in the field of Thermoplastic Process Plant.The company comprises of 3 divisions, Process Plant, Fluid Transfer and Pipework Systems, all complimenting each other to enable the provision of full turnkey solutions.

Process Plant

Chem Resist Process Plant has the in-house capability of producing the world’s largest corrosion resistant all thermoplastic spiral—wound vertical cylindrical chemical storage tanks and vessels.

Thermoplastic Bulk Storage Tanks

Chem Resist Spiral Wound Chemical Storage Tanks are manufactured in Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene (PE100-RC).  These offer significant advantages including;

  • A broad range of chemical resistance
  • The ability to specify a design life with unlimited fill and empty cycles
  • Designed to the European standard BS EN 12573 : 2000
  • Flat, sloping and coned base construction
  • Ability to retrofit additional nozzles
  • Lightweight construction leading to reduced installation costs
  • Our in-house manufacturing which allows us to offer vessels up to 4.30m diameter and capacities up to 130m3

Fume Scrubbers

Chem Resist have many years of Fume Scrubber design and construction experience, particularly in the field of Wet Scrubbing Techniques for Corrosive Fumes and Odours.

With our own in-house chemical and mechanical engineering capability, Chem Resist can take your fume abatement project right the way through from design of the fume capture apparatus, the selection of abatement method, construction of the fume scrubbing system and ductwork, to the installation and commissioning of the system.

Turnkey Projects

Today many projects will comprise Thermoplastic Storage and Mixing Tanks, Pipework, Pumps and Instrumentation.  Chem Resist as a designer, manufacturer and installer, are in an ideal position to offer a complete package to our customers.

Chem Resists Chemical and Mechanical Engineers work together with your teams to design the process, producing Process and Instrumentation Drawings, functional descriptions, through to costed mechanical designs and layouts.

On agreement we work with your staff to schedule major items, factory tests and deliveries to your site.  Our installation teams complete the project on-site and we work with your production staff to commission a plant that they can operate.

Packaged Plants

Many times our customers wish to perform the same or similar processes in our Thermoplastic Plants, but to increase or decrease outputs.  Hence for some plants we have adopted a modular design system, keeping the core PLC control and instrumentation the same, whilst increasing the flows and volumes in pipework and vessels.  Current Packaged Plants include:

  • Sulphuric Acid Dilution
  • Sulphuric Acid Cooling
  • Caustic Blending
  • Hypochlorite Cooling
  • Urea Blending

Fluid Transfer

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has over 30 years’ experience in specifying and supplying pumps, valves and level control systems  for aggressive and corrosive applications; many industries we serve includes:

Chemical Manufacturing + Chemical Distribution + Waste Water Treatment + Steel & Wire Environmental Control + Electronics + Water + General Industry + Pharmaceutical


Our range of pump technologies is extensive to cover a wide range of applications including hazardous and corrosive liquids, shear sensitive liquids, high viscosity liquids and liquids containing solids.


We have held exclusive UK distribution rights for Plast-O-Matic for over 20 years. Our range covers a complete line of standard and custom plastic valves and controls for chemical, water/wastewater & ultra-pure liquids.

Level Controls

Working with Flowline and Jola, globally recognised and respected suppliers of industrial instrumentation, Chem Resist Fluid Transfer offers expert level measurement and control solutions for corrosive chemical, water and wastewater applications.

For more information on what we can do see the Latest News section of our website where we detail many of the applications we have provided solutions for.

Many of our products are also available with ATEX and hygienic approvals for specialist applications.


Our ChemiGuard range of products provides expert solutions for the transfer and dosing of aggressive and corrosive liquids. Consisting of a complete range of dosing systems and also tanker offload systems designed and manufactured to your specific needs our ChemiGuard range will enhance your site safety.

Pipework Systems

Chem Resist Pipework Systems is able to provide our customers with a reactive service to immediate challenges.  Specialising in thermoplastic pipework design, modification, installation and testing, we are equipped to provide anything from minor process alterations to full pipework installations.

Many of our customers require a back-up service for their Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Plant and Pipework.  This may be to modify installed plant, change process pipework or redesign an existing system.

Chem Resists Pipework Systems division has been set up to meet this need and specialises in short response time solutions to these requirements.

Site teams backed up with the extensive workshop facilities offer a comprehensive service to our customers across all the industrial sectors that deal with corrosives.

Site visits to discuss your systems are the norm for Pipework Systems.

Our speciality is working with heat fused thermoplastics widely used in industries handling corrosive solutions.  Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene and Fluoroplastics such as PVDF are the common pipework materials and we are equipped and trained in all socket and butt fusion techniques.

Using Chem Resists extensive fabrication facilities, the production of small vessels and complex pipework transitions can be integrated in a site installation, making this service much more than ‘a man in a van’.


Featured products and services

The following are some of the most popular products and services from the three ChemResist Group divisions:

Chemical storage tanks Packaged Plants Fumescrubbers Pipework Systems Pumps ChemiGuard